"Low Tech Internet Radio Show Creates Audience of 3.4 MILLION People For Computer Phobic Grandmother in Her Seventies!"


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Over 3.4 Million Listeners

Here's What Your Internet Radio Show Can Do For You!

  • Build an engaged audience fast!
  • Become a trusted authority and recognized expert in your niche!
  • Get cash paying sponsors for your show!
  • Sell more of your products and services!
  • Sell more affiliate products and services!
  • Add new names to your email list!
  • Become a celebrity in your niche!

This System Can Work For Anybody Regardless of Technical Skill

"Real Fast Talk Radio" will take you from thinking this might be a good idea to making your own Internet radio show a great reality."

Myles Miller
Author Successonomics

" I would recommend January Jones to people who need to expand their reach and do so with an extraordinary woman."

Michele Sfakianos
Author, The 4-1-1 Books

"If you want to learn how to be successful in Internet radio, you could do no better than use January Jones as a coach and role model.”

Scott S. Smith
Author, Extraordinary People and God Reconsidered Contributor: Investor's Business Daily
Yes! I Want Access Now!

100% Satisfaction Required 30 Day

Money Back Guarantee

Finally, a feasible way to...

Quickly Build a Base of Super-Fans!

Here's A System Easy Enough For Anyone To Use...

Its Honestly The Shortest Path Between Point "A" and Point "B" For Launching an Internet Radio Show/ Podcast

Get These 10 Huge Benefits NOW!

    • Producing Audience Building Shows

      One of the best things about Internet radio is anyone can do it AND build an audience in the process.  EVERY business needs an audience; needs super fans.  Real Fast Talk Radio shows you how-to go about doing that… quickly!

    • Covering Content That Makes You Money

      Content makes or breaks the success of your show.  Here’s exactly how to produce compelling content that keeps people coming back for more!

    • Building Celebrity Status For Yourself And Your Business

      One of  best features of having your own Internet radio show is using it to springboard your celebrity status.  Celebrities make more money because people believe them and are attracted to them and want that special “something” that celebrities have.  Discover how to use your show to become a celebrity in your niche.

    • Getting Sponsors For Your Show

      A great way to build your fan base AND get paid for doing it is to add sponsorship opportunities to your show.   You’ll discover how its done and its much easier than you think.

    • Choosing a Money-Making Format For Your Show

      Should you do a “one-person” show?  Should you have guests?  Should you have an occasional co-host?  Should you allow “call-ins”?  Or some combination of these?  Grab Real Fast Talk Radio now and find out!

    • Where to Find the Best Guests

      Content will make or break your Internet radio show… so choosing great guests is crucial.  Discover how simple this task can be.

    • Become an Authority, Influence Center & Thought Leader

      Here’s a secret: Most people are followers just looking for a leader.  If you lead and serve them by and through your show (like we teach within Real Fast Talk Radio) they will love you for it and pay you gladly when you make a relevant offer.  Your radio show gives you that pulpit of authority which you can parlay into bigger and better things through Internet talk radio.

    • How To Syndicate Your Show On iTunes and Internet Radio Stations Like iHeart Radio

      You want your Internet radio show to be found everywhere that your target market hangs out.  Real Fast Talk Radio shows you how to syndicate your show to iTunes and Internet radio stations so you can leverage the maximum benefit out of your radio content.

    • Use Your Show As A Marketing Machine

      Fact is, your Internet radio show can make you money in many different ways including prospect generation for your own business and affiliate marketing and sponsorships.   We cover it all in Real Fast Talk Radio!

    • Building An Email List

      One of the most important assets in your business is your email list.  We also cover how you can use your Internet radio show to build your email list both actively and passively.  You will LOVE this!

    Turbo-Charge Your Celebrity Status With Homepage Help!

    All of the top Internet radio stations promote shows that appear on their network.  If your show is well done (and if you invest in Real Fast Talk Radio it likely will be) there is a good chance that over time you'll get more and more love and promotion from the networks that host you.   More exposure = more listeners and bigger audiences!

    Yes! I Want Access Now!

    100% Satisfaction Required 30 Day

    Money Back Guarantee

    Leonardo Bustos

    Highest Number of Visits To My Websites!

    I’ve been a guest on more than a few dozen shows, and after appearing on yours I got the highest number of visits to my website than almost all the others except for the national majors.

    Leonardo Bustos, Call the Companionator

    Your Training Comes In An Easy To Use Format... All of Them!

    Easy To Consume Online Video

    This training is broken up into shorter videos complete with an easily
    navigable Table of Contents.

    MP3 Audio Access To The Training

    Audio is probably the easiest medium to consume content... so we've made it easy for you.   Just listen and implement and before you know it your show will be up and running.

    Includes 17-Page Downloadable PDF

    If you would prefer to read rather than watch video online... we've got you covered there too.

    Russ Hovendick

    I Would Highly Recommend January’s Program


    Russ Hovendick, Founder/ Directional Motivation

    Bonuses To Turbo-Charge Your Success

    Music Tracks - Make Your Internet Radio Show Sound Pro

    With this bonus you'll get 10 completely new music tracks to use in your radio show for intros, ads, sweeps etc. to really make your show sound professional.

    Making Pro Intros And Outros

    Make professional sounding intros and outros for your show so you sound great.  A more polished show generally means more listeners and a higher probability of attracting email subscribers and sponsors.

    Internet Radio Dashboard - Behind The Scenes

    Watch as January runs her entire show from her dashboard in her Internet browser.  It's easy and in this behind the scenes training you'll see that you can do it too... because you can!

    How To Do Business With Your Guests

    Your radio show will give you the opportunity to interview, befriend and eventually do business with people you admire.  This bonus even shows you how to make an info-product with them!

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    100% Satisfaction Required 30 Day

    Money Back Guarantee

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